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 Army, Royal Marine Corps mountain warfare qualification insignia


Rotsklimmen Werken op Hoogte


Instructeur Klimtoren

Climbing Instructor

Instructeur Werken op Hoogte

Mountaineering Instructor

Instructeur Rotsklimmen

Climbing Instructor

Mountain Warfare patch Mountain Warfare patch
- variation


Special Forces - Korps Commandotroepen (KCT)

 Mountain Warfare Training - Optreden Bergachtig Terrein(OBT)


Mountain Warfare Training Instructor  Mountain Warfare Instruction Group 


Cold Weather Training - Koudweertraining






Cold (Winter) Warfare Training badge Cold (Winter) Warfare Training patch Cold (Winter) Warfare Training breast patch


Royal Dutch Marine Corps - Korps Mariniers


Whisky Company Whisky Company - bullion


WHISKY Company - unofficial patches.


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